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I stabilised the English I learnt at school with a three-month visit to the USA many years ago. As a consultant I was then faced with the task of leading meetings and workshops in English.
Roland Luke gave me one-to-one training approximately every 2 weeks for about a year.
He helped me to successfully cope with my new task after just a few hours of training.

Mr Luke approaches his work in an extremely professional manner: he observed and systematically supplemented my vocabulary and trained my ability to express myself. In his training simulations, he was able to anticipate my expected business situations very specifically. I thus learnt in a very targeted way the terms and formulations which are important to me. This soon gave me the confidence I needed. During training, Mr Luke did not rely solely on his ability to understand language spontaneously, but he was always excellently prepared. He also had relevant texts to hand, which we read and discussed, and he gave me background information on the contexts of specialist terms.
With his cheerful and kind nature, Mr Luke creates a pleasant atmosphere for conversation. He is a very interested, friendly listener and questioner. His regular feedback during the activities is concentrated,  systematic and helpful.
I can very highly recommend him. „

Martin Sinell