Transform the way you work

The digital revolution is moving fast …

Face to face collaboration can be replicated more and more realistically in digital/virtual space. The meeting spaces can be so realistic that participants can almost forget they are not physically together in the same room. Virtual meetings need no longer be a seen as a ‘necessary evil’ but can actually be highly efficient and enjoyable. But how do you know which tool to use? With experience in virtual training since 2006, we have the know-how to guide you in the decision-making process.

Digital Scouts

Our digital scouts guide you to success. They explore and test virtual tools to find the best fit for your organization.


Having scouted, our experts can help you plan and prepare the rollout, for a swift and smooth transition to the new forms of collaboration.


With such preparation, your virtual training rollout will be swift & smooth, the training highly effective. You can gather participants from various continents in one virtual event – without any travel time/cost. You speed and scale up your digital transformation to gain a decisive competitive edge. International collaboration can actually be fun!

With e-learning,

learn nearly
times more material without increasing time spent in training.

The issue today is:
can you afford not to join the trend?"

Case Study:
Global deployment

With our experience in virtual training since the early days, it made sense for our customer, a global corporation, to ask us for consulting services in the process of testing and selecting virtual training/collaboration platforms. We successfully accompanied them through the critical stages to advise and empower them until they were ready to use the platforms completely independently.