Transform the way you communicate

More than
of international mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures fail to reach their initial goals because of cultural differences.

We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.”

Case Study:

A one-week seminar for intercultural management and presentations for an international group of about 60 university students empowered them to work together internationally and deliver presentations effectively to international audiences. The seminar received the top feedback score of all the courses.


We provide learning environments, frameworks and other input, as well as opportunities for practice, and work as straight talking partners with you, challenging and supporting, enabling you to transform, grow sustainably, and achieve the toughest objectives. We can swiftly deploy a team of expert trainers for you, with programmes in various languages (including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish). Topics include: train the trainer, intercultural management, negotiations, customer service…

Train the trainer

It’s about empowerment - multiplying capabilities to roll out major programmes and achieve ambitious objectives in the most efficient way. Using our years of experience in training people (accumulated since 1991), we can advise you on efficient train the trainer concepts and programmes, and prepare and implement as much of the programme as you like, to empower you and/or selected employees within your organization as trainers.

Intercultural management

Multicultural teams tend to produce extreme results - they are either the least effective or the most effective teams in the world. Learn to master this key factor.


We enable you to build bridges, clarify interests, solve problems together, and
benefit all those involved.

Customer service

Your sales staff and other personnel with customer contact can learn to better manage especially the emotional aspects of the customer experience.
Competent and committed - our trainers and consultants achieve the highest quality standards.


Our team of language trainers can be deployed for business, technical and general language training (virtual and face-to-face). Languages include: English, German, Spanish and French..